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a sketch i did of one of my favorite films “Cyborg”

two of my sketches. whoopty doo.


Videodrome (1983)



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two of my favorite writer’s

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Quentin Tarantino and the Inglourious Basterds cast giving shout-outs to his editor Sally Menke during the filming process (X)

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I walk into the break room and someone has turned the heat up on the thermostat. I stomp over and turn the heat off. Its 80 outside this room and muggy. Its like 79 in the room With the fucking heat on. If you want it to not be so cold you have to turn the cool down, not raise the heat. I sit down and read my book. Guy comes in from the bathroom. We make awkward small talk. I bring up the temperature thing. I tell him how some fucking idiot keeps changing the temp and raising the heat up. I explain the lower the cool not raise the heat. The guy says “I turned the heat up” he stares at me. I recall I just called him a fucking idiot. I stare back. Shrug and go back to reading my book.

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